Double Window Shower

A smart shower design with 2 windows providing enough lighting into the bathroom and the adjacent walk-in closet.

The Outcome

Having a window in a tiled shower can be a design choice that adds natural light to the shower area. However, it is important to consider certain factors when installing a window in a tiled shower to prevent water damage and ensure privacy. Proper waterproofing and sealing around the window frame are crucial to prevent water infiltration and potential mold or mildew growth. Our installers used renowned Kerdi membrane by Schluter to completely waterproof the whole shower as well as around the window frames to ensure long lasting quality. Additionally, using frosted or obscured glass for the window can help maintain privacy while still allowing light to enter the shower space. The shower walls are done with 4x16 inch tiles in stacked pattern. The shower floor is covered with 2x2 inch Quebec series white tile to match the white walls creating a clean look.